Ille de France

Counties, viscounties and lordships of medieval Ille de France

Ille de France

Ille de France and royal domain   (Counties and Viscounties)

Chaumont (Ch., viscounty), Vexin Francaise (Vexin, county), Meulan (M, county), Mantes (Ma, county)

Dreux (county)

Nogent (No., county), Montfort (Mf., county), Ille de France (IdF, county), Beaumont (B., county), Senlis (Se., county), Corbeil (Cor., viscounsty), Melun (county)

Noyon (N., county), Soissons (Soi., county), Soissons (S., viscounty), Laon (L., county), Coucy (county)

Brie Francaise (Brie, county)

Gatinais (county), Sens (county), Courtenay (Ctn., county)

Orléans (or Orléanois, county)

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 vidal-lablache - atlas general histoire et geographie 1912

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