regions of Iran between cca 800 - 1400 C.E.

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Regions of Iran:

regions in Iran, as well as in all other regions in Asia, do not have borders as exactly defined as regions in Europe. Though the land can be divided in several main regions such as Khorásán, Fárs or Jebál. This map also includes Khwárezm and Tokharestán that shuold be considered not as parts of Iran, but rather belong to central Asia.

Tokharestán (ar. Tukharistán)
Khorásán (ar. Khurásán)

according to Ibn Battutah, Khorasan had four main cities: Herát, Nišápur, Merw and Balkh. According to his understanding, also Qóhestán is one of regions of Khorásán, but in administrative division of the Abbasid empire it was a separate province, so I decided to exclude it from Khorásán. Another wider understanding of historical Khorasan


Sind (part)
Qóhestán (ar. Qúhistán)
Khwárezm (ar. Khwárazm)
Gurgán and Dehestán (ar. Jurján and Dihistán)
Tabarestán (ar. Tabaristán)
Khózestán (ar. Khúzistán)
Jebál (ar. Jibál)



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