Bohemia and Poland

regions of Poland and Bohemia in 11th - 13th centuries

Based on Bohemian and Polish castellanies

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Regions of medieval Poland and Bohemia:

This map is based on divisions of medieval kingdoms of Poland and Bohemia into lands, such as Bohemia and Moravia (kingdom of Bohemia) and Silesia, Little Poland, Great Poland, Mazovia, Kujavia and Pomerania.

In both of kingdoms lands were further divided into castellanies, basic governmental units, which were seats of royal castellans. Originaly they were kings' beneficiaries, but during 13th century in both countries they concentrated more local power and property and established hereditary possessions, which later became their feudal domains.


Population estimates for medieval Bohemia and Moravia
circa 1050 C.E. 600.000 - 650.000
circa 1200 C.E. distinctively above 1 million
circa 1400 C.E. 2.500.000 - 3.000.000

Bohemia approximately 2/3, Moravia 1/3 of the figures



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