regions of the Sahara between cca 900 - 1400 C.E.

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In the Sahara there were no historical regions as we understand them in Europe. Nomadic tribes were herding in the desert and there just existed oases, or regions where oases were concentrated (such as Touat or Fezzan) and on the other hand large parts of desert where is was near to impossible to live. The map above tries to describe the most important oases and where possible, it tries to show that some oases were understood as parts of something what could be called as regions.

The Nomads, predominantly the Berbers, didn't understood the sahara as one desert, but as several deserts and regions with oases or even with some rural dwellings.

On the north, the regions "south of the coastal area of the Maghreb al-Arab" were called Dra'a (nabed by river Dra'a) in todays southernmost parts of Morocco, southwest of Sijilmassa; Touat which consisted of several oases such as XXX, the Mzab east of Touat and west of the plains of Jerid (which I consider rather as part of the Maghreb as it lies just south of Ifriqiyya), more to the east lied oases of Ghadames and Ghat and the easternmost region of northern Sahara was Fezzan, which was very important due to its contacts through the desert and Kawar to sub-Saharan "black" territories around Lake Chad: Kanem and Bornu, from where slaves and other trade goods were being imported to the mediterranean basin.


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